whitewater world leads the way in sustainable water management

WhiteWater World has followed in Dreamworld’s footsteps, and established itself as a leading corporate citizen by implementing the latest, cutting edge technology for sustainable water management.

Dreamworld and WhiteWater World abide by the objective of the Queensland Environment Act, which is ‘to protect Queensland’s environment while allowing for development that improves the total quality of life, both now and in the future, in a way that maintains ecological processes on which life depends.’

Dreamworld Chief Executive Officer, Noel Dempsey said “our approach to conservation is about finding the balance between preserving the important role WhiteWater World plays in providing an entertainment and leisure experience to South East Queensland and preserving our region’s water supplies.”

“WhiteWater World boosted the local economy creating over 250 jobs during the construction phase and over 185 ongoing jobs while in operation. It has also provided the Gold Coast destination with a unique new tourism icon and the first new theme park development in 14 years,” Mr Dempsey said.

WhiteWater World will take a proactive approach to environmental sustainability, aiming to plan and manage resources efficiently to improve performance in practical ways and will implement world class water conservation initiatives using the latest environmentally friendly technology available.

Noel Dempsey said that responsible and sustainable water management practice was top of mind and that the park incorporates the very latest environmentally friendly technology available world wide.

“The filtration system alone will reduce annual water wastage from backwashing by over 98.7 percent and 90% of total water use, a saving of 3.04 mega litres compared to traditional sand filtration systems every year. That’s a saving of over three Olympic swimming pools or 76 backyard swimming pools each year,” Mr Dempsey said.

An independent, third party water efficiency audit conducted by Environmental Resources Management Australia (ERM), has concluded that WhiteWater World can be recognised as ‘one of the most water efficient water parks in the world.’

“Conventional water demand for a water park this size is around 49.78 mega litres. With WhiteWater World’s water saving technology and initiatives, annual demand will be around 21.18 mega litres. That’s a saving of 28.76 mega litres, 28 Olympic swimming pools or 57.8% which far exceeds the Queensland Water Commissions water consumption reduction target of 25%.”

“The filtration system alone will reduce annual water wastage from backwashing by more than 90 percent compared to traditional sand filtration systems,” Mr Dempsey said.

A new Water Efficiency Management Plan has been developed by management to further reduce water consumption across all facets of Dreamworld and WhiteWater World and meet local water restrictions.

The plan recognises the Gold Coast City Council Water Conservation Model and supports it with strategies and comprehensive action plans.

This policy reviews current water usage trends to ensure they comply with the relevant legislation including Gold Coast City Council’s water restrictions and ensures park wide water consumption at both Dreamworld and WhiteWater World is kept to a minimum.

Water conservation is part of WhiteWater World’s daily operational procedures and all employees will be educated and trained in best water conservation practice from induction.

The park works to spread the conservation message to guests increasing their awareness through signage in park and the promotion of local water conservation strategies.

One of the world’s leading waterpark designers, Mr Charles M. Neumen, President of Water Technology, INC. Aquatic Planners, Designers and Engineers said “based upon the filtration alone, WhiteWater World will be one of the most water efficient waterparks in the world.”

WhiteWater World isn’t just a new water park, it’s a brand new category – the most technologically advanced ‘water ride park’ on earth and the only place in the world boasting all four of the hottest waterslides on the planet. It revolutionizes the water park experience mixing adrenaline pumping thrills with family-style fun in the ultimate Aussie beach paradise.

Water Saving Initiatives at WhiteWater World

Key water saving initiatives adopted by WhiteWater World include the following…

• Neptune Benson Regenerative Media Filtration System
• 5-A rated flow regulators
• 3-star water efficient shower heads and taps fitted with timers (the best available)
• 4-A rated toilets (the best available)
• Semi-waterless urinals
• Landscaping requiring minimal irrigation, allowing maximum capture of splash and run-off for treatment and re-use
• Stormwater treatment train to provide treatment and storage of run-off to maximise the potential for water re-use
• Metering of all major water lines to greatly improve leak detection and reduce associated losses by prompt action
• Metering also enables water use estimates to be confirmed and provides a means of maintaining targets for operating ranges for each facility.

WhiteWater World will be one of the most shaded waterparks in the world and will incorporate ‘slide splash guards’ to reduce water lost through high volume usage.

The park has been designed so that heavy splash areas for waterslides and all interactive play deck areas drain water right back into the pool systems below.

Regenerative Media Filtration:

Traditionally, waterparks around the world have operated on a system known as ‘High Rate Sand Filtration (HRS)’. WhiteWater World however, uses the most efficient filtration system available.

This brand new technology, never before seen in Australia is known as ‘Regenerative Media Filtration’ or RM. WhiteWater World’s RM system will reduce wastage by more than 90 percent and save over 22 million litres of water per year.

Detention Ponds:

WhiteWater World will include two ‘Detention Ponds’ designed to capture and store storm water run-off. These ponds hold 600,000 litres each and will be used to irrigate the park’s landscaping system with the ability to extend use to supply toilet flushing requirements in the future.

AAA Water Saving Devices:

AAA Water Saving Devices are installed in all change rooms, bathroom and toilet facilities at WhiteWater World including toilets, urinals, hand basins and showers.

Water metres have been installed on all pools, attractions and bathroom facilities and in all food and beverage outlets to ensure the effective management of this valuable resource.

In January 2006, a Water Conservation Committee was formed to ensure the management and implementation of water saving initiatives and best practices throughout WhiteWater World and Dreamworld. Initiatives include:

• The use of perennial plants requiring less water than annual plants.
• Gardens watered at night, good quality mulch used and grass cut longer to significantly reduce evaporation.
• The use of mops and buckets to clean public areas where possible while maintaining appropriate levels of hygiene.
• All new amenities incorporate water efficient automatic turn-off taps and dual flush toilets.
• Waterless technology is currently being trialed in bathroom facilities saving up to 20,000 litres of water per day.
• Water quality is routinely monitored to ensure the on-going sustainability of local water sources.
• Dreamworld uses the external expertise of a GCCC Water Inspector to review and evaluate conservation efforts
• Dreamworld is currently reviewing re-use strategies such as grey water.
• Water conservation posters are displayed back of house as a constant reminder to staff.
• GCCC water restriction signage is displayed throughout the park and signs and stickers are placed in wash rooms

For more information on Dreamworld and WhiteWater Worlds’ environmental initiatives please contact Public Relations on (07) 5588 1127