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The Little Rippers

Riders with the need for some slippery speed will not be disappointed with the ultimate rush into the bowl component of the ‘The Little Rippers’. Unlike ‘The Rip’, WhiteWater World’s current behemoth bowl, The Little Rippers utilises singular and two man tubes, rather than the four man cloverleaf tubes. This allows for the creation of smaller tunnels, delivering larger levels of speed into the barreling bowls. The Little Rippers is the first duelling cannon bowl water ride in the world to turn in opposite directions, one clockwise and the other anti-clockwise to create the "duelling" effect.

Most significant is the "centre-core corkscrew exit" - this ground breaking technology and design creates a safe, smooth and consistent rider motion through the centre of the bowl and into the plunge pool. Go head-to-head with your mates on the Little Rippers and see who is flushed out first!

Fast Facts
Weight:              Single tube 113 kgs
Weight:              Double tube 181 kgs
Rider’s height:    Minimum 120cm
Ride capacity:    500 riders per hour
Cost:                 $2.6 million
Style of ride:       2 x Duelling Cannon BOWL
Height:               13.25 metres (Tower)    
Diameter/Width:  Enclosed flume = 1.37 metres, Bowl = 12.2 metres
Method of riding: Single and double tubes
Riding position:   Double - seated one behind the other

Claim to fame: Little Rippers is the first of duelling cannon bowl water ride in the world to turn in opposite directions, one clockwise and the other anti-clockwise to create the "duelling" effect.


The Wedgie

The WedgieGut wrenching, heart pounding, teeth chattering. That’s the feeling you get when you step inside the launch chamber of WhiteWater World’s newest power slide, The Wedgie, cross your arms behind your head and peer face first over the sissies five-storeys below. The wildest doom drop of them all, The Wedgie has no nanny mats and no support tubes. As the trap door triggers, it’s simply fast flesh on fibreglass as you plummet feet first down a near vertical descent, barrelling through a human sized helix before smashing into the splash pool down below.Here the classic Aussie Cossie braking system kicks in and you feel the fast tug on cheeks as your bathing suit once again assumes control, giving “rise” to the slide’s bold name.





Super Tubes Hydro Coaster

When a river-mouth dredging project connected Snapper Rocks, Greenmount and Kirra into one flawless right-hander, it was the happiest accident in the history of the Gold Coast – a new super ride was born! But now the Gold Coast has a brand new Superbank and the ride is like nothing you’ve experienced before. Super Tubes HydroCoaster is a water-based rocket and the world’s very latest innovation in waterslide thrills and technology. This intense roller coaster on water comes complete with exhilarating drops and terrifying turns propelling riders up the steepest of inclines at the highest of speeds. One of only two of it’s kind in the whole world; it’s a 28 second, ‘magic carpet’ ride that would leave Aladdin begging for mercy. Riders sit one behind the other in a special Rocket Raft built for three before being blasted from the 18 metre tower down the 236 metre track of terror. Filled with open tubes and enclosed flumes, Super Tubes Hydrocoaster is packed with back to back turns and loops and is manufacturer ProSlide’s pride and joy …

“I've been directly involved in the design and development of water rides for over 25 years now and this absolutely has to be one of those "pivotal" advances that will impact the future of water ride design for many years to come.”  Rick Hunter, CEO ProSlide Technology, the largest and most awarded waterslide manufacturer in the world. Super Tubes Hydrocoaster has a conveyor belt to take your Rocket Raft back up for blast off.

Fast Facts
Style of Ride:        HydroMAGNETIC Rocket
Ride Capacity:      500 per hour
Height:                 18 metre tower with 5 vertical rises
Length of track/slide:236 metres
Number of Slides:  One
Method of riding:    3 Seater Rocket Raft
Riding position:      Seated in line – one behind the other
Cycle time/duration: 28 seconds
Theming By:          Atomiq
Theming Concept:  Atomiq
Manufacturer by:    ProSlide
Claim to Fame:      Australian first : most cutting edge technology and one of only two in the world.


One encounter with the blue ringed octopus, found along the coast of Australia and packed with enough venom to paralyse ten men is usually enough for anyone! But racing down BRO, the world’s first and only eight-lane Octopus Racer will leave you wildly exhilarated, totally breathless and coming back for more. This awesome ride turns groups of friends into competitive, high speed thrill seekers on an eight lane race to glory. Using specially designed sled mats, Blue Ringed Octopus spews riders head first and 16 metres high into a maze of thrilling twists and turns reaching speeds of around 50km per hour. Riders hurtle down one of eight, 120 metre tentacle tracks zipping around 270 degree turns for the thrill of a lifetime.

With just 24 seconds to claim BRO fame, the Blue Ringed Octopus is a race of Olympic proportions.

Fast Facts
Style of ride:        Octopus Racer – Matting Technology Ride
Ride capacity:     1000 riders per hour
Height:                16m
Length of track:    120m per track
Number of tracks: 8 tracks
Diameter of tubes:812mm
Ride duration:       24 seconds
Width of track:     1066mm wide racing track
Method of riding:   Matt
Riding position:    Lying down, head first
Speed you travel: 50 km/hr
Claim to Fame:    Australian first and the only 8-Lane Octopus Racer in the world


The Green Room

Usually, only a select few get to enter The Green Room – the deepest, most awe inspiring part of a wave. But now WhiteWater World takes you to the centre of every surfer’s universe, inside the tube and into The Green Room. Towering 20 metres above the ground, The Green Room is a massive, million dollar funnel of fun and is set to become the Gold Coast’s latest, iconic landmark The Green Room will be one of only two and the most menacing of its kind in Australia. The specially designed 4 person cloverleaf tube accelerates riders through a 75 metre enclosed flume and into the funnel before literally dropping out! Riders sit facing each other and are thrown into the upper hemisphere, off back-to-back "vertical" banks and beyond before a needle-nose splashdown that will give the most hardened of thrill seekers the chills.

The Green Room also comes complete with a conveyor belt to carry your tube to the top.

Fast Facts
Style of ride:        Tornado Typhoon – Extreme 4-Person CLOVERleaf Tubing Technology
Ride capacity:     700 riders per hour
Height:                20m
Length of track/slide:    66m of enclosed flume spewing the riders into the funnel
Diameter/Width: funnel – 15m in diameter : enclosed flume – 2.74m
Number of slides: One
Method of riding:  4 Person CLOVERleaf Tubing
Riding position:    Seated - facing inwards towards each other
Claim to Fame:    Australia’s biggest  


The Rip

It’s the first of its kind in Australia, a man made version of Mother Nature’s worst so get caught in The Rip, and get swept down the nation’s biggest gurgler. Launch from the 16 metre tower down 12 metres of pitch black terror before blasting into a massive bowl of WhiteWater’s best. After the massive whirlpool of high speed revolutions, riders are sucked into the corkscrew core, blasted through a huge curtain of water to experience momentary weightlessness before launching into the plunge pool. Facing each other, riders share the 26 second thrill ride with four friends on a cloverleaf tube designed for maximum carnage. The million dollar bowl also incorporates a tube conveyor belt to take the hard work out of the walk to the top.

Fast Facts
Style of ride:        BehemothBOWL - Extreme 4-Person CLOVERleaf Tubing Technology
Ride capacity:     600 riders per hour
Height:                16m
Length of slide:    60 metres in total
Duration:             26 seconds
Diameter/Width:  Bowl - 12m in diameter: enclosed flume – 2.74m
Method of riding:  4 Person CLOVERleaf Tubing
Riding position:    Seated facing inwards, towards each other
Cost:                  $1,400,000 AUD
Locations:           6 others around the world.
Interesting fact:    Riders dowsed by a huge curtain of water on splash down.
Claim to Fame:    Australian first  


The Temple of Huey

Bow down and pay your respects at WhiteWater World’s shrine to world renowned Surf God Huey, ruler of good weather and sick waves. For maximum thrills, The Temple of Huey is intertwined between the tracks of Dreamworld’s Cyclone Rollercoaster and offers triple the temptation and three times the thrills on an inner tube ride packed back-to-back with serpentine curves and screaming 360s. Guests can feel the ultimate rush on Screamin Right Handers, take a trip back to Byron on Broken Headz or get gnarly and pay the price on Cut Snake. Pray for mercy in your specially designed tube for two and take it to the limit on three different slides, the second and third equally as menacing as the first. With a lethal combination of open and closed high-speed drops, fast and slow sections and criss-crossing twists and turns, The Temple of Huey is every water park enthusiast’s Holy Grail.

Fast Facts
Style of Ride:       PIPElines – Extreme CrossWater 2-Person Tubing Technology
Ride Capacity:     250 per hour per pipeline
Height:                Off a tower 13.25m high
Length of track/slide:     104m, 99m and 88m
Diameter/Width:   1.37m
Number of slides: Three
Method of riding:   2-person tube
Riding position:     Seated one behind the other  


Cave of Waves

Deep inside the Cave of Waves, Surf God Huey’s guttural groans can be heard in answer to your calls for the perfect wave. The 2,685 square metre body of water begins to breathe with an ocean like, surfable swell reaching heights of 1.5 metres. Cave of Waves pushes the boundaries of wave pool technology with surging waves that travel over 50 metres to shore. It’s the perfect place for families to kick back on the beach or float in clear tubes under the watchful eye of lifeguards and high tech, underwater cameras while Huey throws out his very best.

Fast Facts
Style of ride:       Wave Pool
Ride capacity:    1343 guests
Size:                  2,685 m2
Depth:                0 to1.5m
Wave Height:      0.6 to 1.5m
Wave travels:      50 metres
Interesting Facts:Ruled by Huey, renowned worldwide as the God of Waves
Safety Measures:Underwater cameras 


Wiggle Bay

Completely supervised and separated from the WhiteWater World elements, Wiggle Bay is a haven for parents and young children to relax and spend quality time. Get ready for a wet and wiggly world of fun in a mini water park designed for the under fives. Australia’s number one entertainers, The Wiggles have jumped on board to bring Wiggle Bay to WhiteWater World. Complete with mini slides, interactive sprays, colourful water cannons and giant instruments, children can splash and play and spend all day composing their very own wet and wiggly music. Wiggle Bay is a safe and wet environment filled with fun and learning, plenty of shade and lots of bright colours.

Lifeguard supervision and shallow waters from 0 to 0.5 metres means peace of mind for mum and dad as toddlers explore 14 interactive play devices including some of the world’s latest, most cutting edge musical interactive equipment, foaming geysers, toddler slides and open water play areas.

Fast Facts
Style of Attraction:Fully Interactive Toddlers Play Zone
Ride Capacity:     350
Height:                522m2
Number of slides: 4 toddler waterslides
Waterplay devices:14 including 4 musical, interactive devices
Depth:                 0 to 0.5m
Manufacturer by:  Slides by ProSlide. Interactive Play Devices by WaterPlay
Claim ot Fame:    Australian first 


Pipeline Plunge

Covering over 1000 square metres, Pipeline Plunge is inspired by Hawaii’s left hand tube! Nickelodeon’s latest and wettest attraction is the ultimate all day water playground for kids aged 5 – 12 years old.  From the worlds leading entertainment brand for kids, comes a safe, kid friendly zone located in an enormous ‘tree fort’ structure Filled with over 100 interactive water activities including water sprays, geysers and blaster cannons. It’s the perfect place to climb in and out of the structures, run wild on four flume waterslides or just chill out under the massive Pipeline bucket, dumping over 1000L of water onto guests and back into the splash pools below.

Fast Facts
Style of Attraction: Fully Interactive, Kids Zone
How many components:     One hundred
Number of slides:   Four
How much water in tip bucket?     1,000 litres
Ride capacity:        525



Book into your own privateCabana for the ultimate poolside retreat, and spend the day lounging in luxury.

WhiteWater World has introduced 12 brand new Cabanas designed to comfortably fit up to four people, fully furnished with lounge chairs, couches, a coffee table, iPod dock and a mini refrigerator stocked with six chilled drinks to get you started.  Plus, should you get the hankering for a delicious meal, choose from your exclusive Cabana menu and enjoy some well-deserved R&R.





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